Friday, February 08, 2008

U2 at Sundance


Sunday, January 20, 2008

U2 3D

Sundance 2008
★ ★ ★

Went to the U2 3D premiere. Bono was there and everyone went nuts over that. Al Gore was there too, and no one went nuts over him, but he did shake hands like the seasoned politician that he is. Actually, the whole U2 band showed up, and Robert Redford and other celebrities.

Watched the movie with my funky 3D glasses. It will be an instant classic rock ‘n roll movie. The 3D visuals and the extraordinary sound made you absolutely feel like you were in the concert, more than anything I have ever experienced. Several times I looked around to see if the clapping and hollering was coming from the theater or from the film (mostly the film). Absolutely captures the brimming energy and goodwill humanitarian appeal of a U2 concert.

But this isn't a Rockumentary. Nothing backstage. No interviews. No backstory. Just song after song of terrific music performed by a crowd-pleasing iconic band and experienced in an unusually powerful and realistic way. U2 3D. I know, it’s only rock ‘n roll. But I like it.

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