Saturday, January 29, 2005

Love Ludlow

★ ★ ★ The opening of Love Ludlow reminded me just a little of a movie I saw a few years ago at Sundance called Haiku Tunnel. But Ludlow quickly developed into a romantic comedy between Myra (Alicia Gordanson), a tough-talking office temp from Queens, and Reggie (David Eigenberg), an nice-guy office loner who lacks confidence. Reggie is immediately attracted to Myra, who eventually gives him a shot. But things get off to a rocky start when Reggie meets Myra’s brother Ludlow, a man-child in his early 20’s that Myra cares for in their apartment. Smart but inexplicably immature, Ludlow is committed to sabotaging Reggie so he can remain Myra’s sole human interest.

The movie has clever writing with some very funny lines, but often feels like they were designed for the stage. (Reggie: You’re being sarcastic. Ludlow: It’s the number one export from Queens.) Gordanson and Eigenberg provide strong performances with some tantalizing, if often awkward, chemistry. But the plot drifts at times and the ending fails to satisfy. (I was longing for a little more resolution.)

Love Ludlow
is an interesting twist for a romantic comedy. Most viewers will find the movie enjoyable. But it’s better not to look at this one too critically. If you do, you’re liable to love Ludlow a little less.


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