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Four wheeling adventures in Hawaii are thrilling, with characteristics of the scenery emerging along every mile, and it's the journey that provides the actual experience. The best help a traveler can give themselves when deciding between vehicle for four wheeling is knowing their needs and wants. Just as travelers research a destination before visiting, the topics of four wheeling and renting 4WD merit a bit of time to ensure smooth and safe drives.

Determining the number of passengers and drivers, approximating the number of suitcases, length of stay, and knowing the island destination are the simplest of factors when renting a 4WD. Renting from the nationally known online agencies or the local options will likely differ in price, depending on the season and island. It is wise to check both types and compare rates and restrictions. Local rental companies are competitive and extra perks and conveniences might make the rental deal sweeter-accommodating cruise ship passengers, island-hopping options for booking a rental car in every port in one reservation, fee-free extra driver registrations, portable GPS navigator rentals, etc. Rental rates in Molokai are often higher. For the best rates, be sure to check Car Rentals in Hawaii available through SummitPacific.

Online reservations are generally the easiest and most convenient; however, it's a good idea to follow-up with an email or phone call about any specific questions or to confirm details to make sure nothing is left to interpretation. When booking and upon arrival, it is initially most significant that the rental car agency has in their inventory a 4WD instead of an SUV that is actually a 2WD.

Some rental companies have been known to disengage the 4WD on their vehicles and display a notice to that effect on the gear shift. It is meant to protect all involved, so simply take the time to consider the best options to make the trip a memorable one with no additional and unexpected rental car fees and penalties. Check all the fine print and ask questions. Most standard rental agreements state that the rental agreement is null and void if traveling unpaved roads; moreover, some actually specify the roads such as Saddle Road and Waipio Valley are off-limits even with a 4WD.

Most likely, the range of cars and trucks available for four wheeling adventures will be Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ford Escape, Dodge Grand Caravan, Chevy Colorado, Dodge Dakota, Jeep Cherokee Laredo, Chevrolet Tahoe, Chevy Trailblazer, GMC Envoy, Ford F150, and Nissan Xterra. Even more options in the luxury fleet of 4WD might include a Lincoln Navigator, Chrysler 300 Touring Edition, Hummer, and Cadillac Escalade.

Cars-SUVs provide good rides and they perform well for four wheeling sandy beaches and unpaved roads. Cars that are 4WD work well for those interested in passengers having comfortable seating (as opposed to fold-down jump seats in some trucks). Jeep soft tops and hard tops are a consideration-hard tops are quieter and less sand and dust will get inside. Hard tops known to be more difficult to remove than soft tops and will take more storage space if removed, plus requiring more than one person for the task.

A downside, though it depends on the driver, is that a 4WD car may have lack of storage that a truck provides, particularly for campers and sport enthusiasts with their equipment.

Trucks-Drivers will find trucks more than serve their purpose for four wheeling and may even begin to enjoy the sense of adventure in these vehicles. The Chevy Colorado has a battery saver system and for a truck, it is a relatively quiet pickup. Trucks, including this one, tend to have more horsepower, sometimes better fuel economy (compare this first-many rental car sites provide this kind of information), and better steering and suspension.

Travelers seeking to travel in style or are accustomed to a luxury SUV features such as leather seats may not like the rugged look and feel of a truck. Families traveling with kids may opt for safety and security with a 4WD car.

Little nuances that can be helpful include renting the same make of car one drives daily, at home, for ease and comfort of the familiarity with features.

It is quite simple to shuffle the pros and cons of cars or trucks when deciding on the best four wheeling vehicle. It really should be determined by the driver and his must-haves and deal breakers, all the while keeping in mind the experience, the other passengers, and the purpose of the travel.

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